Amalia Blouse White



Amalia Blouse

Inspired by the mores of an era by-gone when a sophisticated decadence celebrated a pedigree in dressing.  Hand selected in raw silk taffeta so each piece is transcendent with a demeanor all its own.  A vestige of the ornate, the soundtrack for when the blue-eyed mohican scout died in your arms at the roulette table in Monte Carlo - the Amalia blouse. 

White, 100% Silk Taffeta

Tailor-made in Shanghai

Fits true to size — Dani is wearing a size Small and Misako is wearing a size Medium.

The Amalia Blouse ships within 1 week of order date  — please contact with any questions.

Please note that the Amalia Blouse is a Signature style and not eligible for any discounts.