Crying Clover Candle


Chelsea Mak x Crying Clover Candle

Crying Clover Candles was borne out of experimentations with sculptural forms by two artists.  Every Crying Clover is a unique sculpture made from reclaimed wax with hand-drawn oil pastel transfers. No two are the same. 

Sold as a pair, each Chelsea Mak x Crying Clover Candle Extra Tall Tower is created using colors from our Collection IV color palette and made with a custom green wick to match the Chelmak label.  

Candles are unscented and dimensions measure 10 1/2" x 1 1/4"

Candles are fragile — handle with care.  Please contact with any additional questions.

Crying Clover Candles ship within 1 week of order date. Please note that this item is a special collaboration and not eligible for any discounts.